Sunday, March 13, 2011

I've decided to make my blog exclusively about the T-Mobile girl

Here I am, standing next to Carly Foulkes.

"I blog about these things." - Some poindexter in the T-Mobile commercial standing next to Carly Foulkes

You know what, readers? I've had it. Had. It. I've had it with zombies. I've had it with cemeteries and corpses and limbs rotting off and brains being eaten -- the whole nine-and-a-half yards, basically, of zombie-dom. It's ugly. It's upsetting. It's depressing. You know what's none of those things? The T-Mobile commercials with Carly Foulkes.

See that girl in the picture at the beginning of the article? That's Carly Foulkes. Nice, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Her commercials seem to be filmed in the same featureless white void where Justin Long and John Hodgman once did their "I'm a Mac"/"I'm a PC" commercials. Presumably, Carly entered this mysterious realm, conquered it, then killed and ate her rivals. I don't know what she does there all day. Presumably, she's on the phone a lot -- talking or texting or surfing or watching Inception or whatever the hell it is that people with fancy phones do. She seems to have an entire wardrobe of pink dresses, along with matching shoes and lipstick. Not much more is known about her. She's like a magical cell phone pixie or something.

Anyway, I've decided (for obvious reasons) to switch the focus of this blog entirely to the T-Mobile girl. Because, I mean, look at her...

Adorable T-Mobile phone pixie Carly Foulkes

So, anyway, let's kick off this new era of the Dead 2 Rights blog with:


10. She's awesome.

9. Um...

8. I don't need eight more reasons. Look at this picture!

Carly Foulks showing a bit of nipple under a sheer white shirt.


  1. Why the hell does she always stand weird/awkwardly like she's got a possible birth defect in her spine or something? I know I'm not the only one to notice that. She is no Catherine Zeta Jones.

  2. She's being held at gunpoint, clearly. Pray for her.

  3. Dear Minotauro,
    I have thoroughly reviewed your comment and have fact-checked your question and two statements. I have come to the conclusion that you should seek psychiatric treatment.
    Also, in response to your last statement:


  4. @Minotauro: That's called "good posture." Rarely seen in this era of the Kristen Stewart slouch.