Sunday, May 1, 2011

Here's the T-Mobile girl as naked as she's gonna get! (UPDATED - AUGUST 2011!)

The statistics have spoken. Based on what Blogger is telling me, an inordinate amount of people have found this blog by searching for "Carly Foulkes nude." I have prided myself on making Dead 2 Rights a blog which gives the readers what they want, and there is nothing I would like more than to comply with this request.

Join us after the break, won't you? WARNING: Slightly NSFW!

Okay, first the bad news. In the strictest sense of the word "nude," there are no nude photos of Carly Foulkes, the current T-Mobile girl. However, in her career as a model, Ms. Foulkes has managed to give us many, many teasing glimpses of her anatomy. Take, for instance, this very popular shot of her lying on a beach.

Not a "nude" photograph, perhaps, but it shows definite evidence that Ms. Foulkes is indeed a mammal. So if I can't offer you photos of Carly Foulkes spreadeagled and slathered in oil, then what can I offer you? Well, how about Carly Foulkes holding her own boobs and looking seductively at the camera? (I think this was shot on the same day as the last photo. If so, it was her nakedest day ever!)

Here's a third one from what seems to be the same day, this time in color. A topless Carly Foulkes smooshes her boobs against the back of some conceited douchebag. And he doesn't even care!

How about Carly Foulkes in a polka-dotted bikini? Does that do anything for you? (And, yes, I expect some debate in the comments section about whether she has a "weird" bellybutton.) This picture seems to have been taken in the same featureless white void where Carly does her T-Mobile ads. You half expect some nerd to wander in and start asking her questions about cell phones.

And let's not forget Carly Foulkes displaying some nice underboob while hitting herself in the face.

As further proof of Ms. Foulkes' status as a mammal, I give you this shot (another artsy B&W one) of her in a slightly-less-than-opaque white shirt. You're welcome.

So by this point, you may not have actually seen Carly Foulkes nude, but you can rest assured that you've seen pretty much all there is to see of her. Actually, if your interests run toward the previous T-Mobile spokeswoman, Catherine Zeta-Jones, I can do much better for you.


The ever-generous Carly Foulkes just keeps on giving. I can scarcely keep up with the various risque and semi-nude photographs of the T-Mobile spokes-pixie, but for the sake of my readers I will try.

Let's start off gently with this B&W shot of Carly Foulkes wearing a bikini top on what seems to have been a cold day.

Speaking of bikini tops, this one allows Carly Foulkes to display a gratifying amount of cleavage. She doesn't have much to work with, but she gets the most out of what's there.

And here's yet another shot from that session when she crawled around on a rocky beach. (Or maybe she just does that a lot.) This time, the photographer seems to be showcasing Ms. Foulkes' southernmost charms.

Meanwhile, let's all enjoy this image of a braless Carly Foulkes splayed across a bed.

Nice, right? But hold on. I've said the best for last with two astonishing photos I simply had to share with you. Ladies and (I'm presuming mostly) gentlemen, here at long last is Carly Foulkes' adorable left nipple.

And we close this little portfolio (for now) with the most of Carly Foulkes you will ever see in one photograph, at least in terms of square footage.

Oh, you're quite welcome. The pleasure, believe me, was all mine.

NOTE: I highly recommend clicking on these photographs to see them at full size.


  1. Are there any lower-contrast versions of the shot where you can see Carly Foulkes' left nipple?

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  5. Thanks for posting all the pictures. Now, if we just get rid of the damn bike and see more of Carly!

  6. They need to bring her back!