Thursday, November 17, 2011

(today's zomby) AND POGO! GLORIOUS POGO!

Cheer up, Zomby. You want something to look at? Just keep reading.

Video remix genius Pogo (a.k.a. Nick Bertke)

If I were ever called upon to justify the existence of the Internet with just one word, that one word would be Pogo. I don't mean the comic strip or the pogo stick (though both of those are great). Instead I'm referring to self-described "VJ and producer" Nick Bertke, creator of some of YouTube's most ingenious "remix" videos. He started out with videos based on Disney movies, but he has since branched out. It's kind of tough to describe what Pogo does, but it involves taking sounds and dialogue from a particular source and rearranging them into weirdly soothing and eerie combinations.

The videos really speak for themselves. Here are a few of my favorites:

And there are so many more! Just look for yourself. I'm not sure why this guy does this, but I'm glad that he does.

Of course Pogo has a web site!

P.S. For fans of the Pogo comic strip and its creator Walt Kelly, I offer the following:

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