Saturday, December 27, 2014

So, uh... about that big orange "content warning" on my blog...

Does this warning look familiar to you? Then congratulations on being a degenerate, I guess.

Some of the more observant readers of this blog may have noticed a "Content Warning," like the one pictured above, which you may have to click on before you are allowed to access Dead 2 Rights. Let me explain. For over a year, my blog has been dominated by coverage of Edward D. Wood, Jr.'s career. Much of that career was devoted to the production of adults-only movies, novels, and short stories. In order to fully and accurately cover that material, I felt it was necessary to include various movie posters, stills, screen grabs, promotional artwork, and other visual material of an adult nature, along with explicit quotes from the stories and scripts themselves. There was just no way around it. As a result, there has been a great deal of material at Dead 2 Rights which is not appropriate for younger readers. Reluctantly, I have decided to turn on the "Adult Content" filter in my Blogger account. As queasy as this makes me, it just had to be done. I hope this does not make people uncomfortable about visiting D2R or scare away potential readers, but I felt it was important to let people know in advance what they might see here. If this site is blocked on your computer, please know that all of the content can be accessed at this archive:

Thank you for understanding, and I hope you'll stick with me and the blog through 2015 and beyond.

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