Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Welcome to October! Please read some old crap!

A page from Joe's Halloween Dictionary.

No new Ed Wood Wednesdays this week. Relax. He'll be back next week. And it's not like I haven't already given you plenty of articles about Eddie recently. In fact, I have one in draft stage which is over 4,000 words long. And it's still not complete yet! I could post what I have now, or I could let it incubate for another week until it's ready to hatch. I'm choosing incubation. Sorry. You know what the really weird part of this is? Writing does not come easily to me. That's why I don't call myself a writer. Writers write; worriers worry. I'm a worrier. I agonize over every word and second-guess every sentence. That's one of the main reasons why I don't post more often to Dead 2 Rights. These articles take time, baby, and that's something I don't always have. I've been writing more for the A.V. Club lately, which is nice because they actually pay me. Not much, mind you, but at least it's something. On the other hand, D2R is strictly a labor of love. I've tried a few times to put advertisements on this site or even just a PayPal donation button to offset the cost, but it never works. If you'll notice, there's still an Amazon search box in the margin with some Ed Wood items in it. Total revenue so far? Eighty cents. Total cost of doing Ed Wood Wednesdays? A couple thousand dollars at least, more if you count the sheer amount of time I've spent on it. I mostly keep the Amazon ad there to remind people of some cool Ed Wood stuff they can buy if they want. (There are some neat items in there.)

But I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to make myself feel less guilty about not doing a new Ed Wood Wednesdays this week. I thought I could go from biweekly to weekly again, given the sheer amount of material I have to review, but I think the series is going to have to stay on its current every-second-week schedule for the sake of my sanity. In the meantime, may I invite you to read Joe's Halloween Dictionary, a series I posted back in October 2010? It's painfully adorable, and I'll bet you haven't even read it yet. Despite overwhelming indifference on the part of the reading audience, I was so enamored of this project that I even made an achingly twee Tumblr for it.


  1. I read the Halloween Dictionary. It was rather delightful, especially your own amusement at your younger self's word choices.

    1. Thanks for reading! And, yeah, I really needed to expand my vocabulary back then.