Friday, September 27, 2013

Ed Wood Wednesdays: Your Complete Guide to the Series

Why not be like Shirley and catch up on your reading this weekend?

Since July 2013, I have been devoting as many Humpdays as possible to the career of writer-director Edward D. Wood, Jr. in a series I've dubbed "Ed Wood Wednesdays." Originally planning only to watch his movies in roughly chronological order, I have since greatly expanded the range and scope of the project and have commented on many facets of Ed's life and work. The project's been running for a while now, so it's possible you may have missed an article along the way. Well, here they all are in a convenient list form. Read them at your leisure... and don't necessarily shy away from the unfamiliar titles. Those are sometimes the most fascinating of all.

Greg Dziawer has largely taken over Ed Wood Wednesdays since October 2015, principally focusing on Ed's writing career in pornographic paperbacks and adult magazines in the 1960s and 1970s. Of special interest to Greg is the question of which books and articles Ed actually wrote during this time period and which were written by others. These entries in the series are of particular value to collectors of vintage porn and experts on the career of Ed Wood. For the most part, Greg has divided his articles into various "orbits" and "odysseys." Enjoy.

The Wood Magazine Odyssey
Titles marked with an asterisk (*) consist of indexed magazine titles from Calga, Pendulum, Gallery, SECS, and Edusex.
The Wood Paperback Odyssey

The Wood Collaborator Odyssey
The Ed-Tribution Odyssey

The Wood Erotica Odyssey

The Wood/Dziawer Odyssey

The Wood Musical Odyssey

The Wood Loop Odyssey

The Wood Poughkeepsie Odyssey

The Wood Magazine Orbit

The Wood Loop Orbit

The Wood Set Decoration Odyssey

The Glen or Glenda Odyssey

The Plan 9 Odyssey

The Young Marrieds Odyssey

The Orgy of the Dead Odyssey

The Wood Ancestry Odyssey

The Wood Apprenticeship Odyssey

The Wood Yorty Odyssey

The Wood Photo Odyssey

The Woodologist Odyssey

Greg's Miscellaneous Articles

Thanks for keeping the series alive, Greg.

But there is much more Ed Wood-related content to be found on this blog. From October to December 2014, I wrote a series of articles reviewing each individual story in Blood Splatters Quickly: The Collected Stories of Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Plus a few Ed Wood extras:

Media sightings of the Ed Wood Wednesdays project:

Happy reading, my dear friends.


  1. Hi Joe,I am also a fan of Ed Wood,and would like to say a big 'thanks' for this wonderful collection of posts on him.Your knowledge and enthusiasm shine through,and they have been a pleasure to read and have been very enlightening.
    I would like to ask your opinion on a few things that still leave me puzzled about Ed.
    Firstly,is there any remaining recordings of Ed speaking,I remember reading in Rudolph Grey's book quotes from Ed, reminiscing about Bela. I assume these must have been taken from old interview audio,have you heard them? I also remember someone in 'Nightmare in Ecstacy' mentioning that Ed spoke in a style that was reminiscent of Lord Buckley!!
    Also have you seen the Ciné film home footage of Ed's birthday 'party'? I saw some excerpts on Youtube (Ed cutting the cake, it then pans down to include Ed's hi- heels!!) and was trying to place the faces in the film with the characters that were around Ed at the time ,according to 'Nightmare of Ecstasy' do you have any clues? Anyway, thanks again for the work you have put into the blog,it's fantastic,cheers Martin

    1. Hi, Rock.

      First, thanks for reading. I'm glad you're enjoying the series. As for the interviews with Ed Wood included in Nightmare of Ecstasy, I've always assumed they were the ones conducted by Fred Olen Ray in the late 1970s. I don't know what Fred's methods were. I guess he made audio recordings and transcribed them later. Perhaps he still has them. As for Ed's voice, I know it from his acting performances in Glen or Glenda, Fugitive Girls and Love Feast, and I would not say it is particularly reminiscent of Lord Buckley. It is possible that Ed could do a Lord Buckley imitation, though. I have seen the home movies, and the people I can identify in them are Ed Wood, his wife Kathy Wood, and actor Duke Moore, who appeared in Ed's movies from the 1950s to the 1970s and was a close personal friend.

  2. Hi Joe,thanks, that is much appreciated.I look forward to reading more on your wishes

  3. This is great info on Ed Wood, Joe. I've always been a fan. :-)

  4. Is this blog still active?

  5. Are you aware that AGFA/SWV are planning to release a Blu-ray of TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE sometime in 2018?

  6. It's been a good season for Ed Wood fans, with the recent Blu-ray releases of ORGY OF THE DEAD and THE VIOLENT YEARS. FUGITIVE GIRLS ("the director's cut") is due in January from Vinegar Syndrome. TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE would be the icing on the cake.

  7. TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE is currently being planned for a November, 2018 release. It will be a Blu-ray disc, and might possibly include a DVD as well.

  8. Yes, indeed, really looking forward to both Fugitive Girls and TIOIT!

  9. Would love to see Greg vet Cornell's Wood collection, as there are several titles that are probably not Wood's work (but sellers on eBay would site it anyway--even when Cornell's comments are dubious).

  10. Its been my understanding that Ed Wood spent the 1950's making TV advertisements yet you only have one post about this aspect of his life. Do I take it that its basically impossible to determine just who made whatever surviving TV commercials there are?

  11. AGFA/SWV have finished the production work on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD combo pack of TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE. They have mentioned a street date of November 13, 2018. Reportedly, the disc will include the hour-long silent outtakes from the film (those were previously released by SWV on VHS and DVD-R). There may also be an audio commentary track with Frank Hennenlotter and Rudolph Grey.

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  13. Joe, get back in the ring--here's some fodder from another Joe: