Thursday, March 17, 2011

A special song for St. Patrick's Day: "Oh Zombie Boy"

Hey out there, party people. I thought I'd switch things up on St. Pat's Day and give you an all-new version of an old Irish standard. Here then is "Oh, Zombie Boy."

And if you care to sing along, here are the lyrics...

Oh zombie boy
You've got the whole town screaming
And that's because
You died a week ago
Can it be you? Or am I only dreaming?
Indeed 'tis you
But how I just don't know

Was it some plague
Which gave you animation
or just some vague
Type of a voodoo spell
Perhaps a blaaaaaaaast
Of cosmic radiation
Or maybe they're just out of room
Down there in Hell

Oh, Danny Boyle
Might cast you as an extra
Apart from that
Don't think you'll get much work
Your skin's turned gray
And has a bumpy texture
And now you moan and stumble like a jerk

Don't eat my brains
My brains are not for eating
They're in my skull
And that's where they shall dwell
You zombie freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak
I think you should be leaving
Or I'll lobotomize you with a shotgun shell

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