Wednesday, November 16, 2011

(today's zomby) AND A SINGING ORANGE!

To paraphrase C. Montgomery Burns: Oh, Zomby, will you ever win?

But speaking of the legends of animation...

Forty years before the Annoying Orange

It's strange what sticks with you from childhood. For years, I have been haunted by the memory of a particular stop-motion film from Sesame Street. The clip in question involved an orange who comes to "life" and sings the famed "Habanera" aria from Georges Bizet's 1875 opera Carmen. A little research turns up the fact that this clip dates back to Episode 277 from November 9, 1971 -- almost exactly 40 years ago. A YouTube clip attributes the film to Jim Henson, but I could find no confirmation of this. In any event, the film aired regularly on the show for years, warping the minds of several generations in the process.

Here's the notorious clip:

There's an eerie, David Lynch-eseque quality to this film, heightened by the quasi-futuristic synthesizer music. I personally remember loving this as a kid, but also being sort of scared of it.

Others, meanwhile, were apparently scarred for life by this clip. (Warning: NSFW language!)

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