Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh, Yahoo News, you big tease!

There's no new mail for me because I'd just cleared out my Inbox, not because I'm a social outcast.

Life's full of little disappointments, isn't it? Take Yahoo's obviously-Twitter-inspired "Trending Now" list which occupies the upper right hand corner of the site's homepage. The keywords on the list often look intriguing but lead to very dull topics. Today, for instance, I saw that the #1 item was the delightful-sounding "300-pound Romney." I figured that, following his unsuccessful bid for the presidency, Mitt Romney had locked himself in a wing of his mansion and was scarfing down Krispy Kremes and milkshakes by the truckload while playing "Make the World Go Away" on constant repeat. But, no, the topic turned out to be the fate of a 300-pound Romney campaign sign. Snoozers! Ah, well. Can't have everything. Where would you put it?

P.S. - New Wayne song on YouTube.

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