Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm concerned that you haven't been having enough nightmares lately, so here's this thing.

He's saying, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!"

"Let me say this about that..."

I'm kind of obsessed with wax museums, and I especially love bad wax figures. In my travels, I happened to come across this nice little roundup of 31 of them on Buzzfeed. I was especially taken with the hideous paraffin effigy of Richard Milhous Nixon which closes the article. Tricky Dick kind of looked like a ventriloquist dummy, so I decided to animate the image and make this little mini art piece out of it. I hope you don't enjoy it.


  1. Maybe I'm battle scarred from a recent Facebook post, but I could've sworn this was Dr. Zizmore.

    1. He's actually one of the doc's satisfied customers.