Saturday, July 2, 2016

Three variations on today's 'Shoe'

I liked the setup, so I kept it the way it was.

I don't know what it is with Shoe. The artwork, currently by Gary Brookins of Pluggers fame, is quite good. The basic premise (the frustrating daily lives of anthropomorphic bird people who have built a human-like society up in the trees) is serviceable. But somehow, Shoe can never quite stick the landing. Take today's strip, for instance, in which the cigar-chomping title character quizzes resident fatso Cosmo about his love life:

Were the quote marks necessary?

A Yelp joke? Yuck. That'll age like fine milk. And yet there was something about the setup ("Have you and your new girlfriend been romantic yet?") I found intriguing. So I came up with the three variations you see at the top of this article. In the first, Cosmo takes offense at Shoe's rude question and refuses to answer it. In the second, Cosmo makes a too-personal revelation, causing Shoe to look away in silent embarrassment. And in the third, Cosmo has to think for a moment before giving Shoe a disappointing answer. Take your pick. Or don't. Your choice.