Friday, December 2, 2016

Dave Foley, ladies and gentleman! Dave Foley!

Can you identify which skit this is based on?

On the train trip to Indiana for Thanksgiving last week, I started making a digital portrait of Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall. I don't know why. Just seemed like a thing to do. Since then, I've worked on it for a few minutes at a time here and there. Eventually, I realized I was never going to finish it. There's a whole background I was going to do that I didn't do. So here's the part I got finished. Enjoy. Or don't.

As a bonus, here's an unfinished portrait of one of Dave Foley's influences, Jack Benny. Why I chose this moment, some kind of press conference, to represent Benny, I don't remember. I do know that making all those little microphones was more trouble than it was worth.

Jack Benny takes questions from the press.


  1. I'll put this here, as I'm not sure if you get notifications about comments on older entries.

    Anyways, I was doing some research into "The Frank Leahy Legend" - the title which appears on Ed Wood's resume. Seems the script, dated from 1975, still exists and is located at:

    If one Google's "The Frank Leahy Legend" and 1975, there is a hit for a Chicago Tribune newspaper article from March 3, 1975 which says that "The Frank Leahy Legend shooting here by summer. The local filming will be coordinated by Illinois Film Services' Rick Holtzman."

  2. Thank you, Anonymous.

    And, no, I don't get notifications about comments on older entries.