Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Ed Wood Wednesdays: The Ed-Tribution Odyssey, Part Four by Greg Dziawer

Down the field and past the goalpost! Make a score this time!
As I embark upon my fifth year of writing articles about Ed Wood, I'd like to step aside for just a moment and present an item for your consideration, minus my editorial conclusions. It's a vintage paperback novel with a very unusual pseudonym on the cover, and I think it will be of special interest to many of Eddie's fans.

An intriguing oddity.
But first, let me provide basic context for what you are about to read. My earliest articles for this series largely focused upon shooting down spurious attributions of Ed Wood's authorship of adult paperbacks and magazine articles. As I continued writing, other streams of study emerged, and I found myself speculating upon Eddie's possible involvement in various silent 8mm porn loops, as well as yet more possible textual works. 

Best of all, along this journey, I have met and befriended lots of other knowledgeable Wood obsessives. A few years ago, I heard whispers that there were adult paperbacks credited to one "Ralph Angora." This was certainly intriguing to me, with angora being such a signature of Ed's and with this mysterious author's (obviously pseudonymous) work being published during the same era when Ed was most active as a writer. Could this be another of Ed Wood's many aliases?

Then, about three years ago, a minor miracle! I stumbled upon a scan of an entire paperback, The Incest Sport, credited to Ralph Angora. I've read it three times since and have my own thoughts about Eddie's possible involvement. But, for a change, I'll keep those to myself for now and let you draw your own conclusions.

Note: As is obvious from the title, this novel is not  everyone's cup of tea. If you are easily offended by graphic sexual depictions, crude language, or extremely transgressive material, I'd suggest avoiding it. 

For the rest of you, I present without further ado the full text of Ralph Angora's paperback The Incest Sport. Although the exact publication date is unknown, the cover art and $1.75 price place this book somewhere in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

So what do you think? Eddie or not? Like I promised, I'm keeping my judgment to myself.

Now go hit the showers.
Thanks to Lusty Books for posting this and thousands of other adult paperbacks of the era.