Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Podcast Tuesday: "Zen and the Delicate Art of Coin Snatching"

Charles Galioto guest stars on Happy Days as the cousin of Arthur Fonzarelli (Henry Winkler).

Have I been doing everything possible to promote These Days Are Ours, my weekly podcast about the classic sitcom Happy Days? Maybe not. I post about the show frequently on Twitter and Facebook, and the podcast has its own Twitter account, but I haven't written about the show that often on this blog. Well, I decided to change that this week.

The premise of These Days Are Ours is simple. Each week, my co-host Peter and I review an episode of Happy Days. We're currently making our way through Season 4. New episodes are posted every Tuesday morning at thesedaysareours.libsyn.com. It is completely free to download and listen. If you're not that familiar with Happy Days or if you don't remember a particular episode, don't worry. We start each podcast by going over the plot of the episode we're reviewing. After that, we delve into the cultural references, music, and fashion choices, while also telling you if we think a Happy Days installment is worth your time or not. And, thanks to some judicious editing, we get all this done in about half an hour. Here's our latest podcast.

This week, the episode up for review is "The Book of Records" from January 18, 1977. It's an unusual one, since it's built around a guest appearance by a non-actor, specifically a high schooler from New York named Charles Galioto, briefly well-known for catching coins off his elbow. Charlie didn't do any more acting than this one sitcom appearance, but he did appear on a few talk shows in his day, doing his famous coin tricks. Here he is on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson back in 1976. My guess is that the producers of Happy Days saw Charlie chatting with Johnny and thought he would be perfect for their show.