Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Ed Wood Wednesdays: The Wood Promo Odyssey, Part 10 by Greg Dziawer with Rob Huffman

Ed Wood in 1954.

The fun never ends. My good pal, Robert G. Huffman, recently sent me some old newspaper clippings that I had never seen before. Regarding Ed Wood, of course!

As a teaser for what's to come, let's briefly consider this one from the September 11, 1954 edition of the Pittsburgh Courier:

Note the poster for Jail Bait (1954) in the background.

While Devila remains a figure needing further research, the story of LaTanya is well-told here.

It's curious, isn't it? She thought she designed gowns for "two dozen" films, by Ed's own production company?!?

This is a mere glimpse into just one of many snapshots in time we'll soon be delving into here at Ed Wood Wednesdays and at The Ed Wood Summit Podcast.