Thursday, February 17, 2011

At long last... ZOMBY!!! minus that annoying zombie character

Here's a special song for our lonely bank teller:

John Lennon took a swipe at this song in "How Do You Sleep," but I've always liked the simple story it tells and how it manages to be sad without being mawkish or maudlin. The Simpsons put this song to good use a couple of seasons back in an episode about Mrs. Krabappel.


  1. A day without Zomby? It is a sign of the apocalypse.

  2. I almost... ALMOST... considered adding a second panel which would show what Mr. Z was doing instead of going to the bank and delivering his punchline. But then I figured, maybe the poor schmuck just needs a day to himself without an audience watching every humiliation of his life.

    It's too bad for him that he's not here today, though. I think the teller is kind of into him. Typical of him not to notice.

  3. Incidentally, the real-life "Ziggy" for this makes no sense. Ziggy apparently goes to the bank to pay his credit card bills...? I think he blatantly comes up with contrived reasons to go to various businesses simply to have an excuse to interact with the comely female employees. But when he gets there, he freaks out and delivers a lame joke to an invisible audience.