Saturday, February 5, 2011

Take the Ziggy/Zomby!!! Trivia Challenge: Name That Generic Female Functionary!

Hello, dear readers!

This ongoing Zomby!!! project, of course, requires me to spend lots and lots of quality time with the original Ziggy cartoon feature by Tom Wilson. As well as being a sure path to madness, this experience has also shown me just how repetitive Ziggy is. I have, for instance, noticed that Ziggy -- and therefore Zomby -- spends a great deal of his time dealing with generic female functionaries who sit placidly behind very tall desks. I think it's the same woman working at all these places, and she just slightly alters her hairdo when she switches jobs. Her nurse/waitress uniform remains a constant no matter where she's working.

Anyway, I've decided to turn this into a little game. Here are five generic female functionaries who have appeared recently in both Ziggy and Zomby!!! See if you can match them up with their respective places of business. (ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.)

A. Airline
B. Bank
C. Bookshop
D. Computer Dating Service
E. License Bureau

Good luck to you!