Monday, September 19, 2011


Have you seen Drive yet, citizens? Well, go out and see Drive. Among the movie's many pleasures (including a wicked good soundtrack) is a brilliant supporting performance by legendary comedian Albert Brooks. Maybe you know Mr. Brooks (whose real name -- no kidding -- is Albert Einstein) best from his voiceover work in Finding Nemo and many episodes of The Simpsons. Maybe you know him from his appearances in movies like Broadcast News and Taxi Driver. Or maybe you know him from his standup work or his many talk show appearances.

I've decided to use today's Zomby!!! post as a makeshift tribute to Albert Brooks. Here are five You Tube clips of the man in action. Watch them and enjoy.

1. The Ventriloquist

2. Impersonation Kit

3. A Daddy's Christmas

NOTE: In addition to his TV and film work, Albert did two marvelous albums, A Star is Bought and Comedy Minus One. Please promise me you'll seek them out. "A Daddy's Christmas" is a one-off single, not from either of those LPs.

4. Albert Brooks Comedy School

5. I Have No More Material

BONUS: Kevin Pollak's Albert Brooks Impression

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