Friday, February 20, 2015

17 Astonishing and Obscure Facts to Amuse Your Friends and Dazzle Your Enemies

Garfield stands on his hind legs... like a man!

Trivia. Whether you're appearing on a quiz show or just trying to make sparkling conversation at a dinner party, there's nothing like it. And yet, there never seems to be enough trivia around when you need it. Fortunately, Dead 2 Rights is here to help. Below, you will find 17 trivial statements which you are welcome to use in any social or professional situation. Enjoy!

  • If you could drive your car straight upwards, you probably wouldn't want to.
  • George Washington was never President of the United States. The rumor that he held this nation's highest office dogged him to the end of his days.
  • Strictly speaking, berries are not berries, but cabbages are.
  • There is no "i' in "March."
  • If the sun were hollow, we'd all be in a great deal of trouble.
  • Contrary to that old wives' tale, cats do in fact feel pain.
  • "Hullabaloo" isn't Latin for anything in particular.
  • That country between Spain and Germany? Surprise! It's France!
  • The melting point of iron is a mystery which science has yet to solve.
  • The earliest library card dates back to the time of Christ. The first book checked out was Garfield At Large by Jim Davis.
  • Napoleon's last word was "bonkers."
  • Without adjusting for inflation, items today cost much more than they did a hundred years ago.
  • Former astronaut Neil Armstrong sadly wound up a derelict.
  • Saying "celery soup" into a mirror three times is entirely safe and will have no unfortunate consequences. Try it yourself and see!
  • Though famous for his plays, William Shakespeare would rather be remembered for his astonishing sexual prowess.
  • Experts agree that the funniest word in the English language is "belch."
  • Even the strongest ant is no match for a full-grown man.

Feel free to add your own in the comments section. Feel just as free not to add your own in the comments section.

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