Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ed Wood Wednesdays: The Wood Magazine Odyssey, Part Seven by Greg Dziawer

The next step on our tour of Ed Wood's career? The foul year of 1975.

In our last index of magazines, we listed all titles filed for copyright by Gallery Press, Inc in 1974. As with that year, the 1975 filings were solely under the Gallery Press imprint, and the volume of publications considerably less than in the early '70s, when Pendulum/Calga was in full swing (no pun intended). Fifty-three titles and 75 issues were filed in 1975, a number of issues dated late 1974 that had yet to be filed. Most titles saw the release of only a single issue (three issues at most for only a handful of titles), but a few early Pendulum titles still continued, e.g. Swap and Wildcats into their respective eighth volumes. New titles included such gems as Bush Lovers, Cunny, and Young Sugar. Excepting three titles of Case Histories, the sociological angle, once the province of the defunct SECS Press and Edusex imprints, was almost entirely gone; no longer was it necessary to continue the ruse of educational content, due to the relaxation of obscenity laws and now-widespread existence of pornographic magazines. Worth noting: Gallery Press also published adult paperbacks in 1975.

Gallery Press/Gallery Press, Inc.

v3n3 JanFeb (in notice: Dec74)
v4n1 AprMay

Belly Button
v4n1 JulAug

v2n1 MarApr

Black and White
v3n1 AugSep
v4n1 JulAug

v3n1 AprMay

Bush Lovers
v1n1 SepOct

v3n3 Dec74Jan75
v4n1 AprMay

v1n1 AugSep

Erotic Love
v5n1 JunJul

Exotic Behavior
v1n1 OctNov

v3n2 NovDec74
v4n1 MarApr

v2n3 OctNov74
v3n1 JulAug

Fantasy Bound
v1n1 FebMar
v1n2 MayJun

Foxy Girls
v1n1 AugSep

v3n2 OctNov74
v4n1 FebMar
v4n2 AprMay

Gay Girls
v1n1 AugSep

v3n4 SepOct74
v4n1 FebMar
v4n2 JulAug

The Girl Friends
v3n2 OctNov74
v4n1 MarApr

Girl Mates
v1n1 SepOct

Girls in Love
v1n1 JulAug

v3n2 JanFeb (in notice: Dec74)
v4n1 MayJun

Group Case Histories
v2n3 NovDec74
v3n1 MarApr

v1n1 AugSep

Illustrated Case Histories: A Study of Erotic Love Practices
v1n1 SepOct

Lesbian Case Histories
v2n2 JanFeb (in notice: Dec74)
v3n1 JunJul
v3n2 OctNov

Lesbian Fantasy
v1n1 SepOct

Lesbian Life
v4n1 JunJul

Lesbian Lovers
v1n1 OctNov74
v2n1 MarApr

Love Me
v4n1 MarApr

v4n1 JanFeb
v4n2 JunJul

V2n1 AprMay

Nude Rebels
v6n1 OctNov74

Party Time
v4n1 MayJun

v3n4 FebMar
v4n1 JulAug

v1n2 MayJun

v1n1 AugSep

v1n1 SepOct74

v1n1 SepOct

Spice and Nice
v5n1 FebMar
v6n1 JunJul

Super Sex
v1n1 AugSep

v8n1 JulAug

Swinger's Pad
v1n1 JanFeb (in notice: Dec74)

Three Girls
v1n1 NovDec74

Three of a Kind
v1n1 SepOct74

Turn On
v4n1 MayJun

Two Girls
v2n2 NovDec74
v3n1 MarApr

Two Tone
v1n1 OctNov

Weird Orgy
v1n1 JulAug

Wild Lesbos
v1n1 OctNov

The Wild One
v1n1 OctNov

v8n1 MayJun
v8n2 SepOct

Woman's World
v3n3 NovDec74
v4n1 AprMay

Young Sugar
v1n1 SepOct

Brinkmann's book
d Wood had likely been fired
by Bernie Bloom (perhaps not for the last time; more on that in a future edition of Ed Wood Wednesdays) by 1975 from the Pendulum/Calga/Gallery magazine office, but his work continued to appear in Gallery Press titles that year. In some instances, these titles were recycling previously used material. And evidently, not all titles released by Gallery Press in 1975 were filed for copyright (presumably issues consisting of reprinted material). 

Tom Brinkmann's superb 2009 book Bad Mags 2: The Strangest, Sleaziest, And Most Unusual Periodicals Ever Published! lists two additional 1975 Gallery Press titles, both containing work by Ed: Bi-Sex, v2n1 (April/May) contains the Wood-written-and-credited story "Flowers For Flame LeMarr," reprinted from the Feb/Mar 1973 Pendulum Spice 'n' Nice. The story was also reprinted in the seminal 2014 collection Blood Splatters Quickly: The Collected Stories Of Edward D. Wood, Jr., edited and compiled by Bob Blackburn, co-heir of Kathy Wood's estate. Gold Diggers, v7n1 contains the uncredited Ed story "Not So Freewheeling." The issue itself is identified as a reprint of Gold Diggers v4n1 from 1972.

In all, we've now indexed upwards of 625 individual issues filed for copyright from 1970 through 1975 under the Pendulum family of imprints, not including annuals, reprints and sporadic issues not filed for copyright. Ed claimed in a 1978 interview with Fred Olen Ray published in Cult Movies #11 from 1994 (dissected in-depth by Joe Blevins here at Wood Wednesdays in two parts here and here) to have written a thousand short stories and articles going back to the early-to-mid-1960s. The lion's share of these appeared in Pendulum-related titles, although we still know little about Ed's magazine writing from 1963 through the end of that decade. 

We've barely begun to scratch the surface.