Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ed Wood Wednesdays: The Wood Magazine Odyssey, Part Six by Greg Dziawer

Gallery Press drops a Deuce on the reading public.

In last week's installment of Ed Wood Wednesdays, we continued indexing Pendulum/Calga/Gallery Press titles with a listing of all titles filed for copyright in 1973. It was a time of transition, with the pillars of Pendulum and Calga disintegrating early in the year. Gallery Press (previously a Calga d.b.a) incorporated in the late winter/early spring of 1973, and though the d.b.a. Edusex survived into the latter part of that year, there was solely Gallery by 1974, with all magazines under the Gallery Press imprint, published and filed for copyright by Gallery Press, Inc. This amounted to fewer than 60 issues across 37 titles, some carrying over from previous imprints, some new with wonderfully fanciful titles, including the resurrection of the incredible Heads Up. A pair – pun intended – of issues of Sam, solely featuring the otherwordly Roberta Pedon, also appeared in 1974. In all, Gallery's output in 1974 was less half of what was published by Pendulum/Calga/Gallery the previous year.

GALLERY PRESS (Gallery Publishers, Inc.)

v3n1 AprMay
v3n2 AugSep

v1n1 JanFeb

v1n1 JanFeb (in notice: Dec73)

v3n1 JanFeb

v3n1 JanFeb

v3n1 JanFeb (in notice: Dec73)
v3n2 JunJul

v3n1 MarApr

v2n1 MayJun
v2n2 JulAug

For Girl Lovers
v1n1 FebMar

v1n1 AprMay

v2n3 JanFeb (in notice: Dec73)
v3n1 MarApr
v3n2 JunJul

The Girl Friends
v3n1 AprMay

v3n1 JunJul

Group Case Histories
v2n1 JanFeb
v2n2 JunJul

Guys and Pals
v1n1 FebMar

Heads Up
v1n1 JanFeb

v3n1 JulAug

Jackie and Jill
v1n1 JunJul

Lesbian Case Histories
v2n1 AugSep

v3n1 FebMar
v3n2 MayJun
v3n3 SepOct

V1n1 MayJun

Party Time
v3n1 JulAug

v3n1 MarApr
v3n2 JunJul
v3n3 OctNov

Pat and Mike
v1n1 AprMay

v1n1 FebMar
v1n2 MayJun

v3n1 AugSep

Sex Report
v1n1 FebMar

Sex Scene
v1n1 FebMar

Sexy Singles
v1n1 FebMar
v1n2 MayJun
v1n3 AugSep

Sugar and Spice
v3n1 MarApr

v2n1 MarApr

Turn On
v3n1 OctNov

Two Girls
v1n1 JulAug
v1n2 AugSep
v1n3 AupSep
v1n4 SepOct
v2n1 OctNov

v3n1 AprMay

Wanted Women
v3n1 JanFeb (Dec73)

Woman's World
v3n1 JanFeb (in notice: Dec73)
v3n2 (called 1) AprMay
v3n3 (called 2) JulAug

We've now indexed approximately 550 individual issues from the Pendulum family of publishers, 1970 through 1974. As the publisher waned, so did Ed's involvement, with Wood historians agreeing that this was Ed's last gig as a paid staffer for an adult magazine. We'll discuss why that may not be so in future editions of The Wood Magazine Odyssey.