Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Let's have fun with the funnies! Part One: The Random Stuff

This is your cultural legacy, America. Don't neglect it.

It's been a while since I've done a post like this. As you know if you follow this blog, I do a lot of parodies and remixes of newspaper comics. Occasionally, I like to collect these and post them here so I can delete them from my hard drive in good conscience. That's what this is: another collection of random junk headed for the incinerator.

Let's go.

I'll start with good old Rex Morgan, M.D. Earlier this year, the Morgans adopted a baby and wound up being stalked by the kid's biological grandparents. It almost sort of got tense for a couple of days, but eventually everyone made up. Here's my version of how that went.

June Morgan is not a woman to trifle with. As you'll see here:

But their daughter Sarah Morgan might be the one with the real power in the family.

A more recent Rex Morgan storyline, centering around two very minor supporting characters going on a road trip, has been extremely dull and uninvolving. But at least I found a waitress who looked eerily familiar to me.

Another soap strip I follow regularly is Judge Parker. For some reason, I felt compelled to do an epic Judge Parker/Goodfellas crossover with Randy Parker as Ray Liotta. I don't know why.

Later in the year, for reasons just as murky, I did a Judge Parker/Flintstones crossover. Probably because sassy redhead Abby Driver reminds me of Wilma, as we'll soon see.

Let's change gears and do a quick Beetle Bailey  spoof. Here, I introduce an intriguing new character to Fort Swampy.

And here's some Cronenberg-style body horror in Snuffy Smith.

There's another kind of horror going on in this Blondie.

And here's an experiment in which I swap the dialogue of Dick Tracy and Hagar the Horrible. It works surprisingly well.

It's time to deal with the depressing avian world of Shoe. I always think the artwork works better if you take out the "jokes" and just concentrate on the emotional anguish of the characters. Shoe actually makes a pretty decent drama that way.

This next one is technically a joke in the form of a comic strip, rather than a parody of an existing comic. But, really, when will I ever get another chance to use this? And, besides, don't these two make a perfect couple?

Same deal with this one. Just a random, one-off joke I'd never get to use other than in a post like this.

Gotta have some of that Heathcliff insanity. On the left is a real Heathcliff. On the right is my Pat Benatar-inspired remix. (I dig that furniture, by the way.)

We need some Mark Trail, too. This strip has always given more attention to the wildlife than to the human characters, so I figured it was time to start giving the dialogue to the reptiles and insects.

Mark's super geeky adopted son Rusty has had some playing time this year, too. Here, we see him in action, trying to smooth talk a girl named Mara. It does not go well. Obviously.

Meanwhile, in the world of Marvin, the terrible infant's terrible parents, Jeff and Jenny, demonstrate that they love neither their son nor each other.

On a lighter note, I thought I'd add a second panel to this Dan Collins cartoon.

Before we leave, here's a comic I did about net neutrality, using the characters from The Big Lebowski.

And that's gonna do it for Part One. I realized that I had so many Mary Worth parodies, they warranted a post of their own. So stay tuned for that!