Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Ed Wood Wednesdays: The Ed-Tribution Odyssey, Part Six by Greg Dziawer

T.K. Peters got groovy in his later years.

A few months back, on a slow Saturday afternoon, I sat down and scanned the covers of many of the paperbacks credited to American educator, author, and renaissance man, Dr. Thomas Kimmwood "T.K." Peters (1879-1973). While Peters wrote about many topics, ranging from botany to psychology, it was his vast research on sex that provided the basis for numerous books in the early 1970s. Edward D. Wood, Jr. in particular drew on Peters' source material numerous times while writing sex manuals during those years. In fact, while Peters is often mistakenly cited as a pseudonym for Ed, he was undoubtedly a real person with a distinct and fascinating life of his own.

T.K. Peters' material was turned into two primary series of books, totaling approximately 50 tiles -- SECS Press' Sexual Educational Clinical Series and Calga's Sexual Enlightenment Series. SECS and Calga were both imprints of Pendulum, a West Coast publisher for whom Ed Wood worked in the '60s and '70s. In this article, I'll include some sample covers from both SECS and Calga. For good measure, I'll toss in a cover from Pendulum's Psychomed series, too. While never credited to Peters, the Psychomed books are clearly cut from the same cloth.

NOTE: Ed Wood did not necessarily work on all these books. He definitely worked on some of them, though.

The Young Marrieds: An Illustrated Study (1971)

A Study of Women's Liberation, Volume XXIII (1971)

A Textbook of Adult Sex Education, Volume I (1971)

A Study of Sexual Practices in Witchcraft and Black Magic, Book 1 (1971)

 A Study of the Sexual Man, Book One (1971)

A Study of Sexual Fetishes: An Illustrated Examination of the Sexual Deviate (1970)

A Study of Sex on Campus (1971)

A Study of the Sex Games People Play, Book Two (1971)

A Study of Sex Foods and Sex Aids (1970)

A Study of Orgies & Troilism (1971)

A Study of Love & Intercourse, Book Two (1970)

The Lesbian, the Homosexual, the Bi-Sexual, Volume XI (1971)

A Study of Intimate Sexual Problems (1971)

How to Really Make Love to Your Husband, Wife or Lover, Volume I (1971)

Everything You Wanted to See and Read About Unusual Sex, Book Six (1970)

A Study of Erogenous Zones (1970)

Adult Sex Hang Ups, Volume I (1971)

For details on many of these covers, I'll refer you to previous episodes of The Ed Wood Summit Podcast here and here. You can also find more regarding T.K. Peters sprinkled throughout this series.

Rest assured, there will be much more to come regarding Dr. T.K. Peters! Keep watching this space.