Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Ed Wood Wednesdays: The Ed Wood Summit Podcast #12 by Greg Dziawer and Joe Blevins

Each person's fingerprints are unique. Remember that.

Last week, I presented a vintage magazine article for your consideration: a lengthy review of the 1979 Swedish Erotica loop "Sweet Alice" starring Seka and Big John Holmes. This week, Joe Blevins joins me on The Ed Wood Summit Podcast to break it all down. Among many other considerations, we do ultimately make our summary statements. Could Ed Wood have written this?

Watch and tell us what you think:

We'd love to hear your opinions, any and all, so please comment on the video at YouTube and don't be shy. Could this be, in FACT, one of the final substantial pieces of text ever written by Edward D. Wood, Jr. before he finally fell into the BIG BLACK?
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