Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(today's zomby) AND TWO DALE ARDENS!

I don't really "get" this one, even though I wrote it. I guess I just thought it was funny to have the little bird talk like Robert Netwon in Treasure Island.

And speaking of venerable fantasy/action franchises...

(from l to r) Jean Rogers as Dale Arden; Melody Anderson as Dale Arden

In an entertainment industry hellbent on exploiting valuable properties, there is occasional talk of possibly rebooting Flash Gordon for a new audience. Unfortunately, the most recent attempt, a 2007 TV series on Syfy, proved neither entertaining nor popular. The original comic strip soldiers on, of course, and the character appears regularly in comic books as well. But the prospects of a new Flash Gordon movie or series seem shaky at the moment. Well, I'm here to say that Hollywood should keep trying! Why? Dale Arden, that's why! Flash Gordon's long-time love interest is a role which seems to bring out the best in actresses. It's hard not to look good wearing the finest in futuristic haute couture.

Here, take a look at lovely, feisty Jean Rogers playing the role in a 1936 Flash Gordon serial:

And for you latter-day nostalgia addicts out there, here's Melody Anderson playing the role in the crazily-entertaining 1980 Flash Gordon film:

Maybe it's even time to give Dale her own franchise. Just a thought.

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