Friday, January 23, 2015

Here's an awesome photo of Ricky Schroder looking miserable

One glum, one gleeful: Ricky Schroder and Jackie Cooper.

With my beloved Gateway laptop out of service for at least two weeks and possibly more, I have been working the last few days on an ancient (by computer standards), ridiculously obsolete Sony Vaio which I had to quite literally dust off before using. I am determined, however, not to let Dead 2 Rights simply lie dormant while I wait for my "real" computer to be released from the clutches of the Geek Squad. Come hell or high water, I will blather on! This older machine, I have found, will work -- sort of -- but its user must be patient and keep his expectations extremely low, like a parent whose child has been kicked in the head by a mule. What is possible? What is impossible? Clearly, the research-heavy, formatting-intensive articles I normally write for this blog are out of the question. There isn't enough time or patience in the universe. But maybe I can still post shorter, simpler, goofier stuff for your amusement. Case in point: I decided to go snooping through the files saved to the hard drive of this computer to see if there's anything particularly interesting. Well, I did find an old publicity photo of child star Ricky Schroder and former child star Jackie Cooper which may warrant further attention. These two both appeared in the 1979 boxing movie The Champ, but otherwise, I have no clue why this picture was taken or why Ricky is pouting so theatrically. The image must have made an impression on me at some point in my life, though, because I found this abandoned Microsoft Paint project lurking on my computer, too. Your guess? Every bit as good as mine.


  1. Clearly, Ricky is upset because Coogan refused to do the lightbulb trick for him.

    1. Sharp eye, Craig. You know, it is almost impossible -- and this is science, mind you -- to type the name "Jackie Cooper" and not have it turn into "Jackie Coogan."