Sunday, June 23, 2019

Comics are fun for everybody! Let's read some now!

Batman is not in this article. This image is lying to you.

I know I just did a comics roundup a few weeks ago, but I figured it would be a nice change of pace to post something non-Ed Wood-related to this blog. So let's dive in and swim, huh?

Here, for instance, is a Beetle Bailey remix. Is it just an excuse to gawk at Miss Buxley? You decide.

And, yes, they're talking through their butts and feet.

A Dick Tracy/Annie crossover never hurt anyone. Physically, that is. I'm just glad to see Sandy and Annie looking so well.

Then there's Dustin. The main problem with Dustin is the character of Dustin. That's right. Dustin is ruining Dustin. Dustin's family hates Dustin, too.

Well, is it?

But Dustin's dad is no prize pig himself.

Grabbing your crotch in court = rude.

I did a second version of that last cartoon, featuring Alan Parker and Sam Driver from Judge Parker. This is actually a pretty good summary of what's been happening in Judge Parker lately.

Get it? Parker? Driver?

What else is happening in Judge Parker? Well, April is getting to spend some quality time with her long-lost mom.

"Just a sec, hon. I'm cutting up this chocolate bar."

How's The Lockhorns going? About the same. Maybe a little better than usual.

Mother Goose & Grimm is another comic strip that exists. It's.... fun. See?

There goes the franchise!

That second dog, the jowly, non-Grimm one, reminded me of someone else. Hmmmmm.

Let me say this about that.

This classic Nancy demonstrates Aunt Fritzi's no-nonsense parenting style.

And the garbage collector does not care.

Meanwhile, in Rex Morgan, M.D. Rex is still dispensing top-notch medical advice.

But use gloves this time, Rex. Please.

Six Chix continues to have the strangest character designs in all of comicsdom. So strange, in fact, that I can't resist putting them into classic movies.

This Bambi has seen too much. Much too much.

And classic albums, too.

With a little help from my genetically mutated offspring.

In case you were wondering (and you weren't), I'm still removing all the characters from Family Circus, leaving only the beautiful, unspoiled backgrounds.

Like this.

And this.

And even this.

But there are other things you can do with Family Circus. For example:

Or even a multi-panel saga:

So, yeah, Thel is doing great.

Mark Trail never changes, which is why technology terrifies him.

You've just seen the full range of Mark's emotions.

Crankshaft and Funky Winkerbean are not typically very funny. But occasionally, one strip will provide a punchline to the other.

I swear these were from the same day.

Did you think we were getting out of here without visiting Mary Worth? I've saved La Worth for last. The current storyline (still) involves Mary's neighbor Estelle and her search for love through online dating. It's been a real mess, but Mary is doing her own thing, as you'll see.

And she says it in the Ivan Drago voice, too, which is awesome.

Estelle sank into a deep depression, as Mary continued to concentrate on other endeavors.

Just don't feed any to the cat, Estelle.

Eventually, as we all knew she would, Estelle wound up with Wilbur. And their conversation turned to Estelle's piano playing, resulting in this grade-A flirtation.

You had Wilbur at "trunk."

For the last week or so, Mary and her boyfriend Jeff have just been talking about Wilbur and Estelle. No, really, that's what's been happening.

Now let's crank up the Miami Vice theme song.

That's all I have for you this time. Go away now!