Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let's all demand more dignified-looking horror movie books

Notice a difference? So does the rest of the world.

Books about horror movies -- as both a Living Impaired individual and as a movie buff, I love to read them. But here's the problem with these books: the gory, deliberately ugly covers, 99% of which feature that stupid red blood-drippy font. I know, I know... you hardcore horror fans want the book covers to be all scary and gory. I can sympathize. Yet think of the poor devils like me who do most of their reading on public transportation. Reading one of these books in plain sight is like carrying around a neon sign that says "I'm a Sociopath! Keep your Mace handy, ladies!" The woman next to me is probably reading Eat, Pray, Love and is convinced that I am the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. Look, I have enough problems fitting into society as it is. I don't need this extra aggravation in my life. So what do you say, publishers? Can we design more tasteful, dignified covers for these books? Ot at least cut back on the drippy letters? Thanks a bunch.

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  1. You could always wrap them in the brown paper bag covers like we used to do with textbooks in high school. Then people will just think you're really intellectual... plus, you can decorate them however you see fit!