Tuesday, January 11, 2011

At long last... ZOMBY!!! eats in a Chinese restaurant

OBSERVATIONS FROM THE DAILY COMMUTE: Today at the Des Plaines train station, some joker had traced a picture of a giant penis into the snow on the platform, everything from tip to testicles. From the ground level, it probably didn't look like anything, but from my vantage point in the upper level of the train, it was unmistakable. Anyway, people got off the train and started tromping all over the poor thing, and by the time our train left the station, the snow penis was no more. I think this anecdote makes a profound point about the ephemeral nature of life. We are all drawings of penises traced in the snow on train platforms before we are trampled out of existence by oblivious commuters.

Here's what happens when you do a Google image search for "snow penis," by the way.