Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forget the T-Mobile girl! All hail Jesse Meriwether, the Cootie Queen!

Jesse Meriwether, the most talented actress in television commercials today.

Well, readers, you have made my article about the T-Mobile girl, Carly Foulkes the second-most-viewed article in the blog's 1.5-year history, and it seems destined to one day even overtake the one about zombie Justin Bieber in terms of total views. For whatever reason, these are the posts which have generated the most reader interest.

But you know what? I don't really care one way or the other about Justin Beiber or Carly Foulkes. I mean, I hope they both have long, successful careers and happy lives, but that's about it. Neither one is truly worthy of your attention, readers.

Who is worthy? Jesse Meriwether. The name may not be instantly recognizable. Her IMDb page lists only one credit, a 2010 short film called Kleshnov, although her resume mentions appearances in Runaway Jury and Monsters Ball and "tons of theatrical experience." But Meriwether is not known for her film or stage work. Instead, she is an artist whose chosen medium is the television commercial. I'm certain you have seen her in an ad for Orbit gum called "Euphemisms," in which she plays a businessman's feisty mistress:

And "Euphemisms" is just the beginning. Ms. Meriwether is an actress of remarkable range, as seen in the following:

And at one point in her life, bless her heart, she even got made up as a zombie:

To me, Meriwether is an actress with a great look and terrific comic timing. She reminds me of Shelley Duvall meets Julie Hagerty. So what do you say, Hollywood? You found a place for Shelley and Julie. Why not clear some room for Jesse Meriwether?

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  1. Absolutely. She deserves a sitcom. Like that slot NBC's giving to The Paul Reiser Show? That could have been The Jesse Meriwether Show.

  2. I love this girl she is great and actually one of my friends. I happen to be the photographer responsible for her "Zombie" look...!

    Great article, and yes lets make room for JESSE!!!!

  3. Maybe she will want to do longer term projects when her kids get a little older.

  4. I agree, she is the most talented actress in commercials today. Lorne Michaels, are you listening?