Sunday, April 24, 2011

Experimental ZOMBY: A meditation on absence and abandonment

A suitcase on a bed. A closed door. A group of mirthless travelers standing in line. Finally, an empty airport. In today's Ziggy, these are merely the props and settings for a tired gag about airport security. But with the title character removed, this becomes a haunting meditation on absence and abandonment. Someone seems to be discarding his life and his home for unknown reasons, shedding his very existence like a snake sheds his skin. Perhaps all of these people in line are giving up their lives as well. Some catastrophe has caused them to leave behind all that they know. One is reminded of the brilliant 2000 Swedish film, Songs from the Second Floor, which you really ought to see right this minute. Perhaps the trailer will convince you. Keep in mind, the trailer is NSFW but it's Sunday so you shouldn't be at W anyway. Songs comes pretty darned close to being a zombie movie, as you'll soon see, so I hope it is covered someday on Mail Order Zombie.

And thus ends Experimental Zomby week. Join us tomorrow for "classic Zomby."

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