Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How DOES computer dating work in ZOMBY's world...?

Tom Wilson seems to profoundly misunderstand how computer dating works, because he's always having Ziggy show up in person at some kind of "computer dating" office and staring up at the receptionist's desk like a dog looking for table scraps. Look, I'm sure and eHarmony have brick-and-mortar offices somewhere, but all you'd find there are some administrative staffers, I.T. guys, and maybe some customer service reps (if that part of the business hasn't been off-shored). Ziggy, however, seems to treat this place like it's some kind of magical "girl store" where they have sexy single ladies in some kind of storage room. I believe what he's looking for is known as a brothel.

Am I right about this or totally off base?


  1. Based off vague memories of "Love, American Style" reruns I watched as a kid when I was home sick from school, he's probably thinking that computer dating involves being videotaped at a studio and having those videos sorted by the Sex-U-Tron 2000 who'll then pop out someone who looks 99% like you except they're the opposite sex. Such ancient ideas aren't helped by the rather odd way those eHarmony couples look so much alike.

  2. Seeing as how Ziggy and Love American Style both trace their lineage back to 1969, I'd say you're probably right.

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