Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ed Wood Wednesdays: The 'Young Marrieds' Odyssey, Part Three by Greg Dziawer

There's something familiar about this young man.

NOTE TO READERS: While I appreciate the excellent research that Greg Dziawer does into the career of Edward D. Wood, Jr., the explicitly pornographic nature of his latest article makes it unsuitable for my blog. Instead, for those who are curious, I am presenting this material at the Ed Wood Wednesdays Tumblr. The main article is here. It concerns a male model whose image is seen near the end of Ed Wood's The Young Marrieds. There are additional photographs here and here. Proceed at your own risk. Definitely NSFW. - J.B.

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  1. The photographer Pat Rocco is credited on some of the master barber ads. His archives (not online unfortunately) are at:
    (There's a mention to "Eduardo, Beverly Hills hair stylist" in there, too)